About Us

It was February 1989 when a group of ten optimistic, never-take-no-for-an-answer women launched the St. Andrew Old Girls’ Association Florida Inc. At that first meeting, held in the comfortable surroundings of Marguerite Graham’s home, we decided that, while our primary aim was to raise funds for our alma mater, we wanted to have fun and renew old friendships as well. Indeed, we have achieved all that and more.

To date, the SAHS Old Girls’ Florida Chapter has contributed over US$ 78,000.00 to our school. These funds have been used over the years to benefit our school and students. Our fundraising and contributions have supported numerous programs at St. Andrew, including:

· Renovation of the tennis courts, which are now being used for both tennis and netball

· Purchase of a school bus (in conjunction with the New York Chapter)

· Annual funding for the Penn Relay team as well as other competition sports

· Purchase of athletic and computer equipment and software

· Ongoing breakfast program for those students who come to school without having anything to eat

· Emergency fund for past teachers who are in need of financial or medical assistance

· Scholarships for two students each year, based on need and academic achievement

· General maintenance, repair and beautification of the school buildings and grounds

The Chapter maintains close contact with St. Andrew through the current administration, teachers and the local PTA.

Florida takes pride in the achievements of its Chapter. It has done a great deal for our school over the past 16 years and we have had a lot of fun along the way. Old Girls share each other’s successes, joys and sorrows. In spite of busy schedules and pressures of work (or lack thereof), Members have managed to maintain their sense of humor and managed to make a difference in the lives of numerous young women at St. Andrew.